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Our professional and friendly bar staff are always on hand to serve your every need ... drinks and food wise that is.

The menu buttons on the left are now active but don't bother with them at the moment, there is very little content on them. They will eventualy be updated to include more information about the Bird in Hand.

If you're using a computer / laptop 'mouse over' a picture (place your cursor over an image) it will usually give you some more information.

Contact the Bird in Hand on 01322 280139.



The Folk Weekend video's are now available in the "Gallery" page.

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Happy Shiny People

Events (September)

This is where you will see all the events, sports fixtures, music nights for the current month. Also check out the 'Calender' page for other events.


Future Events

Coming soon to a pub near you ... well, the Bird in Hand actually.


This may be the food menu but I will probably give it a seperate web page of it's own just so I can add pictures.


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